Mickey Ds new idea that came and went and will probably come back again

One must wonder if the Golden Arches are succumbing to that old age droop? For instance, a very curious story appeared this morning — I don’t subscribe to the source so I will just have to encapsulate it — that says McDonald’s is considering extending its breakfast hours past 10:30 a.m. It makes one ask: Is the company going back to the future or what?

A McD’s franchisee named Herb Peterson co-opted the idea of an eggs Benedict-like sandwich from Jack-in-the-Box in late 1971, according to a historical timeline on the Mickey D Website. Thus was born the Egg McMuffin. Funny little name. Say it: Egg McMuffin.

McDonald’s had several breakfast items by the end of the 1970s such as the Big Breakfast. The fact that McDonald’s would not sell anything but hamburgers and fries after 10:30 a.m. became an article of faith for McDonald’s and was pretty much a punchline until people stopped thinking it was funny and just said “To hell with it. I’ll go to Jack-in-the-Box.”

I understand McDonald’s has been making the late-night drunk crowd happy in some places where it has sold breakfast items late at night. So, now the Mickey D folks have thought about expanding breakfast like, how many, fast food places already do.

One must admit though, as far as fast food places are concerned, McD’s has a pretty fair breakfast food product. They even now feature an egg white Egg McMuffin for all you health nuts out there. I’m not saying McDonald’s or any of the other fast food places make that great a breakfast meal. I actually like the Sausage Cheese and Egg Biscuit although it is definitely not good for me. But it is possible to drive down the freeway, while eating one’s Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, drinking a cup of coffee, reading the morning news paper, talking on the cell phone while also taking selfies of you and the mannequin you brought along to pass for a fellow traveler riding through the HOV lanes.

McDonald’s probably will make millions off the more Egg McMuffins they sell after 10:30, enough so that some manager will slap himself in the head like the person in the V8 commercial upon being informed by a bean counter that the company made another $100 billion. But really all those mornings in which we were screwed over by some young kid who says, with a sneer, “we ain’t servin’ no breakfast no more to-day” do they count for anything? Well, I suppose not.