Mid-terms post mortem: Hand me the bone saw

Gee Dubya tried to pull off a miracle in Crawford but to no avail.

The Democrats took back the U.S. House in yesterday’s election rumble. As of this morning, control of the Senate appeared to hang on who wins in Virginia and Montana. Go figure. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. This is especially so since two Nor’eastern Independents were elected.

Bernie Sanders of Vermont has described himself as a “democratic socialist,” so it’s doubtful he will regularly break bread with the Senate G.O.P. caucus. The picture is not so clear about Smoking Joe Leiberman, who was whipped in the Democratic primary but went on to beat the candidate who beat him. Of course, Leiberman playing kissy-face with Gee Dubya didn’t endear him to his fellow Donkeycrats. But Lieberman has said he will vote with the Dems. We shall see.

I guess the best thought about this entire election — aside from the fact that all the stupid ads are over (for now at least) — is that maybe a fraction of that congenital smirk on Karl Rove’s face has been removed. Now I am a reasonable guy. I normally judge people by their character and not by their looks. But once in a great while, someone’s looks pisses me off. Call it a sick (sic) sense. Karl Rove fits in that category.

Here in the Lone Star State there were no big surprises. Gov. Goodhair will have another term. Kinky can make a movie. Carole Keeton Strayhorn Acosta Diablo Von Hindenburg will still be a tough grandma. And Chris Bell? Someone might actually recognize him when he walks down the street. I probably won’t, but someone might.

We shall see what we shall see as for the future. For now, it is time for the victors to celebrate and for the losers to … do loser things. Once again democracy raises its weary head and loudly proclaims: “Keep those drinks a’ coming!”

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