Monday Night Football stinks. Oh yeah, Houston got stomped last night

Monday Night Football. Ugghhhhh. I don’t know what was worse, the ass kicking that the Patriots gaveĀ  Houston last night or having to watch the game on Monday Night Football.

Jon Gruden to the Dallas Cowboys?

Gruden to Oakland?

It seems you can’t read sports without hearing rumors of ESPN analyst and former Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden taking some head coaching job somewhere. I wish the hell he’d go somewhere other than on ESPN.

The NFL Today: Arkansas, Tennessee want Jon Gruden

Good. We don’t.

Why do I dislike Gruden as a broadcaster? Why doesn’t cats and dogs get along? It’s just Jon Gruden being Jon Gruden the broadcaster. He is arrogant. He is self-promoting. He is Jon Gruden.

And yeah, as a headline read today of the Sunday night rout by the Patriots over 11-1 Houston: “A game of Texas Fold-em.

But fear not Texans fans. The team has faced defeat for most of its life as an NFL team. They’ve stared loss in the face before, even this year, with Green Bay. The Packers have lost four of its 13 games to the 49ers, Seattle, Indianapolis and the Giants. New England lost to Arizona, Baltimore and Seattle. The season isn’t over, yet.

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