Monkeying around with iPods: Will it lead to gambling in Texas?

Let’s see. You have Super Bowl XLVII being played at the Mercedes-Benz Superbowl. That grand old venue has moved on up from its days as the Louisiana Superdome, back when I saw the very first concert there featuring the Allman Brothers.

Oh lawd, somebody done bought a Mercedes-Benz! Then you got the Mardi Gras going on, Fat Tuesday itself a week from Tuesday coming. So you for sure got some crazy happening.

Then, of course, you got the “Brother Bowl.” Two brothers named Harbaugh happen to be coaching against each other. The only thing that could be more perfect for the media would be two brothers coaching against each other and two brothers as QB facing each other. Kind of like say, the hometown New Aw’lens Manning boys. Wouldn’t that be something! But the Mannings aren’t playing — except probably in one of those $4 million tv spots — so that means only one thing that could be better. Yes suh! Monkeys!

And leave it to the folks on the Island, I’m talking Galveston Island, to produce some monkeys to go prognosticate the Super Bowl winners.

Three saki monkeys with iPads have picked the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl over the Baltimore Ravens. Glory be!

 “Two of the monkeys selected made their selections by painting on the 49ers logo. The third showed his feelings on the game by placing unhappy faces on the Ravens logo,” said a press release from Moody Gardens, where the sakis and other wild things live in a 10-story glass pyramid. Those island folks can be plenty crazy, you know.
The Rainforest Pyramid is a 10-story glass structure that is home to more than 1,000 species of plants and animals, the Moody Gardens release from PR Newswire said. After a $25 million enhancement in 2011, visitors are able to experience more rainforest life from around the world, including Africa, Asia and the Americas. Many of the animals within the pyramid are free-roaming, like the saki monkeys and cotton-top tamarinds.
Cotton-top tamarinds? Why I think I saw some of those island sugars dressed in cotton-top tamarinds. Or maybe not. The PR folks for Moody Gardens say the iPads those little monkeys are using is part of an “enrichment program.” Enrichment? Like maybe gambling? Galveston used to be known for that way back when the island was wide open with famous places like the Balinese.
If some folks have their way and their wishes come true with casino gambling, Galveston could become something in between New Orleans and Atlantic City. The Texas Lege is in session as we speak but casino gambling will be a hard sell for Texas. Years ago, all the hyper-religious groups kept such establishments away. But now the religious have a friend in that fight. The friend is big gambling which is found in every state bordering The Lone Star State.
We’ll see what happens. But you have to watch them monkeys. They’re sneaky little devils. First thing it’s football and the next thing all of a sudden its “Seven come 11.”  You know all that talk about evolution and stuff.

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