More delicious than a barrel full of monkeys

Something went awry with the turkey stew my significant other cooked last night so she is apparently trying it again. In the meantime, it is almost mid-afternoon and I am hungry once again, thus I think about those street vendors one would find up and down Magsaysay Drive in Olangapo, Philippines, when I visited there numerous times as a sailor back in the late 1970s.

Specifically, two meals on a stick could be easily found there. One was barbecued hot dog on a stick — kind of like a corn dog without the corn meal wrapping. The other stick meal was monkey on a stick, which tasted either like pork, chicken, frog or one of the Donner Party, depending upon how much you are into evolution.

Here is a monkey meat on a stick recipe I found. It is geared toward pork but if you happen to raise your monkeys to eat — you sick f**k — then I suppose you could substitute. I don’t know if there are any places in America you can get good monkey meat but I suppose if it was in Arkansas it would be served with a high heapin’ o’ cole slaw on top. Oh well, petit!

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