More hubub in my streets

A photo depiction of a wreck and not from the real event.
Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

Gosh, it’s been two days in a row that I have come across a little excitement in my Old Town neighborhood of Beaumont, Texas. Yesterday, of course, I walked up to a residence on McFaddin Avenue where a homicide had taken place several hours earlier. A few minutes ago I came across a two-vehicle accident that was in the final stages of being cleared.

Two pickup trucks had collided at the intersection of North and Ninth Street. It appeared one of the pickups had rolled over. An old guy on a bicycle (OGOB) told me he didn’t see it, but said at least one person was taken away by ambulance. The OGOB said, in his opinion, that perhaps one of the pickups that was apparently traveling south on Ninth Street may have run the stop sign at North Street. The impact “knocked the other pickup over,” OGOB said.

Please remember that the statements here are those I have reported from an old guy on a bicycle and are not meant to be official statements from official persons. At least, officially.

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