Much drama, yet it’s just another Friday storm

Dark clouds are gathering outside from the west. It really doesn’t matter from where the clouds are gathering if they happen to be gathering  somewhere inside. Holy moly! There’s a thunderstorm in the living room, Gladys! Whoops, your big ol’ pile of blue hair just went up into a cloud of smoke from that lightning strike.

Obviously it is better when the clouds stay in their place. So they come like angry neighbors ready to do battle over that fence your great-grandpa put up in ’08. That’s 1908.

It is 5:21 p.m. Central Standard Time and it looks like Dark-30 outside. I’ve been watching the Channel 11 KHOU-TV animated weather radar online and I can see a cluster of storms, one of which has just that teeniest-tiny area of violet inside, which can indicate a severe T-storm. This particular bunch is just a hair west of Beaumont. Right where I am at Ground Zero. Don’t you hate that term? The wind is whipping — whipping good — blowing rain and tree limbs to and fro. I am watching Channel 6 KFDM-TV in Beaumont on the tube, with the mute on I might add. It is nice to know I sit in a motel room only two buildings away the banality of the 5 o’clock show, which goes on with nary a hitch.

The real storm hasn’t arrived yet, according to the Houston radar which I just quickly flipped on for a look. Traffic looks kind of thick on the I-10 service road at 11th Street. I am glad I have nowhere to go.

Maybe this seems a bit dramatic, or perhaps I am making it a bit so. But it is just a spring storm in Southeast Texas on a Friday afternoon. Unless the storm, which the radar says is still just to the west of us, blows the roof off the place or some place else, all shall be just as it should be.

I really like, love even, the rain, the thunder, the lightning is even cool to watch. Especially since the drought is a non-hazardous storm welcome. Anything is cool as long as we can watch and don’t have to worry about seeking shelter.

Well, I think the storm is finally here. Happy weekend.