My name is Suh! How do you do? Hi Mr. Suh, are you wearing a Kevlar cup?

A mind-numbing day has it been. Anytime that I must pay more than $700 to repair my 20th century automobile I must classify the day as something or the other. But alas, I finally have my elderly truck back in my loving arms, so …

It might be too late to discuss something that happened on Thanksgiving but here goes. Did you see Detroit Lions tackle Ndamukong Suh kick Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in the nuts during the game on Thanksgiving? (Warning: Watching it could make one writhe in sympathy.)

Suh has the reputation now as being one of, if not the. dirtiest NFL players. All you have to do watch this one to get the — ooooh — drift.

But the NFL says they won’t suspend Suh, as they should, although they might fine him. I think what the most fitting punishment would be to tie up Mr. Suh in the middle of the field and have some of the league’s best kickers take turns whacking him in the privates. Well, that would be a little rough, plus he already has enough punishment playing for Detroit.

Enough of that. On to my thoughts about how Houston played. Well, the Texans played good enough to win in overtime. But wait, didn’t we see that in their victory over Jacksonville?

It definitely shows another side to Houston when they come back to win in overtime. But methinks that maybe the Texans shouldn’t have been stuck in the same situation being down. Plus, the Texans have had Red Zone trouble since Wide Track was a pup. (Okay, only those from a certain area might be familiar with that one.)

Next up for Houston, Tennessee. We hate the Titans. Why Texans? Because we once had a little team called the Oilers and this vile, vile man named Bud took our beloved Oilers to Tennessee. Bud will forever remain vile of the vilest. We can have no OT. Only beat the crap out of the Titans.

If you come back sometime later, you might just find how I really feel!




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