National Wear Your Medals Day?

Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson wants former service members to wear their medals on Saturday, Veterans Day. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I would only wear two medals were I to wear mine tomorrow, which I won’t. One of my medals would be the pictured National Defense Service Medal, which is basically given service members during a time of war, or in other words “just showing up.” The other medal would be a Navy Good Conduct Medal which was really kind of extraordinary for me since it signifies that a sailor did not get in any serious trouble during one’s enlistment. That was definitely a little harder of the two to earn.

So, I don’t have anything against Nicholson’s idea. I just wish he would put his brain power to use in other more substantial pursuits such as cutting down the length of time it takes to see VA doctors or dispensing with all the bureaucratic bulls*it that one has to endure when dealing with the VA. Now that would be a really great Veterans Day idea.

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