News of the Day: All the news that fits

Some news for the day. Or, some news for the day. It always depends on how you say it and how you interpret it.

Donald Trump unleashes his “Republican” tax plan. Donald Trump is about as Republican as Joe Lieberman was a Democrat.  Regardless, Trump is pulling out smoke and mirrors to lessen the tax burden on the rich, as he is. People making $24,000 a year or less per year or $30,000 for a family would pay no taxes. Some argue they already pay no taxes. If he is talking about cutting withholding taxes then that would qualify for a tax cut. But he should go beyond that 24K limit. I just learned today of a pay increase which raises my pay to $43,000. I would call that a pretty good amount for me, who has barely made it beyond $30,000 over 40 years. However, I would only receive 43K by working 40 hours a week. And over the past year I have worked 32 hours a week.

So my salary really amounts to “Trump change” if you take away that extra day of work and withholding, Social Security, Medicare, Retirement, etc. The rich? The rich get rich and the poor get poorer — under Uncle Donald and probably any other plan Republican or Democrat.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin on 60 Minutes last night said, in so many words, everything is cool man. Yeah, I am a sleaze ball spy-turned politician, but I’m cool as a Siberian fireman. It seems like Putin is trying to out-cool President Obama. That’s not happening though.

Putin, in an answer to a question by CBS anchor Charlie Rose, said he hopes that Russia is a major power because it possesses nuclear weapons.

“Otherwise, why do we have nuclear weapons at all?”

Well, isn’t he the big kid on the block? Russians love him, or so it is said. Who knows how far this former KGB agent will go to make all of the news favor his point of view. I bet Obama would whip his ass shooting hoops and Putin would come away black and blue, while Obama, well …

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani provided some “bulletin board” material for Republicans after speaking with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Rouhani said he has watched GOP live on television and found the candidates “quite laughable.” The Iranian leader said he doubted that these wannabes could even find his country on the map or could distinguish the difference between Iran and Tehran.

One can be sure Rouhani must have been smoking a large bowl of Afghani hash to find humorous the U.S. Republican presidential campaign.

“Dude, let’s go to White Castle,” Rouhani says while gigiling. “Get the jet ready.”

Enough news for the day. Any more and I will gain some knowledge. I don’t want to do that. As for you, well, you got a mouse?