No, it can't be. A candidate making a smart choice for VP?

As Barack Obama gets his text message fingers ready to announce a Veep choice, there once again has surfaced a glimmer of hope for some sanity in a Democratic presidential ticket.

Some officials have indicated U.S. Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, has made Obama’s short list for vice presidential nominee. Edwards’ name was first floated recently by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And as I have indicated before, since Chet is the only potential Veep candidate I know and I feel is a decent guy, I would welcome the news of his being tapped for No. 2 on the Dem ticket. Also, once in the Capitol basement, Chet once bought me a glass of iced tea in the cafeteria so he can’t be all bad.

Now I really wouldn’t support a candidate just because Edwards and I are professional acquaintances. I have tons of acquaintances, both personal and professionals, who are total s**theads. Rather, my knowledge of where Chet has excelled such as in veterans and military affairs are among the reasons I would most likely support an Obama-Edwards team. Otherwise, I’m not sure if I could support an Obama-Anybody team.

So, I won’t get my hopes up but will say ahead of time that it will be a genuine surprise and even delight if Obama picks Chet Edwards as his running mate. But, as I have also said before, doing the deed that makes sense usually is the last act one sees in a presidential campaign although stranger things have happened.

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