Nosegays and Animadversions

Say what?

Newspapers sometime run weekly columns or editorials which cap the best and worst of the week. Typically they would run on Saturday because the editors are trying like hell to get out of the office early Friday. Thus, they recap events and give them their a juvenal-ish thumbs-ups or thumbs-downs because rehashing is often more expedient than original thought. So here we go:


–To the person who apparently heard a kitten under the hood of my truck while it was parked at the mall, thus shielding the kitty from serious hurt.
–To Karl Rove for leaving the White House. When he leaves the planet he will deserve a bouquet.
–To Tropical Storm Erin for not becoming a full-fledged hurricane and staying far off enough that I enjoyed a couple of days with lower temps.
–To the Beaumont Public Library for installing new computers. They work much better even though using the Internet on them is still not like cruising the ideal Internet Freeway.


–To Hurricane Dean. It still can enjoy a nosegay or twelve if it stays the hell away from where I live.
–To my work computer and dial-up. Government tech people put a new encryption system in it and made it, unbelievably, even slower. I didn’t think I could ever find computing which was accomplished in terms of geological time.
–To American Media for announcing the “Weekly World News” will be no more. We can continue to follow the adventures of Bat Boy on their Web site but what will we have to read in the check-out line in the grocery store?

Well, that’s about all the nosegays and animadversions I can hand out for one week. Let’s (not) do this again.

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