Not-so-casual encounters

Let me see a show of hands out there of those who thinks all, some or any hookers resemble Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman?” Now I know a few may think Julia Roberts isn’t the best example for this topic. But after all, the movie was named “Pretty Woman” and one supposes the filmmaker meant the title to reflect how Julia Roberts looks. Plus, the movie people were in this era where they were too lazy to think up an imaginative movie title so we were fed titles from the names of popular songs like Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman.”

But your average run-of-the mill, garden variety crack whore usually bears little resemblance to Julia Roberts on an exceptional day (an exceptional day for Julia Roberts and the hooker.)

The Smoking Gun brilliantly illustrates that, while you may find a streetwalker with a heart of gold, her lifestyle can wear her her down so much that she looks like this. Or even like this. Or even like this poor lady who had the mother of all bad hair days.

These are mugshots of some hard-working girls scooped up by police in Bensalem, Penn., after they allegedly advertised their wares in the “Casual Encounter” section of Philidelphia Craigslist, according to TSG.

I guess for some, at least, it really doesn’t pay to advertise.

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