Not so happy with the Houston VA today

It is a tiresome day after the jerk-around-o-rama at the Houston VA. You’d think that with the proposal to freeze VA employees’ salaries along with the rest of federal workers as well as the public’s ire aimed at government employees, that some of the bureaucrats out there at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Hospital would lighten up a bit. But no, there are still plenty of sullen workers out there who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about their jobs. Plus, the VA apparently thinks they can save money by scrimping on specialists by filling those positions with young physicians assistants and residents. Want to see a urologist or an orthopedic surgeon? You might be seeing a PA or a nurse practitioner.

While there are plenty of good people in the Department of Veterans Affairs medical system, one should not believe all the good things they hear about  the VA until they’ve experienced its practice of everyday medicine. I’m afraid that certainly goes for the DeBakey VA Hospital in Houston.