Odds and ends from EFD

“I realize that I have issues, but can’t we talk about them after you go to Hell?”

Lately I have been busier than the front page of the Weekly World News so now that I have a little down time I thought I would catch things up with some odds and ends. (Hey, it’s a new mannequin!)

First of all, I found out quite a lot has been written about the efforts to rename East Texas and it has hiked up a heaping helping o’ scorn. I first discovered all the attention at Capitol Annex, which I rather like and plan to add to my blogroll. It was from the ‘Annex that I found out The Pine Blog was having a contest to rename East Texas. I had to throw my 1/2 cent into the contest, which is that if East Texas was going to be renamed, it should be named: “The Thicketalia.” (A word play on the Big Thicket and … you know) Of course, I find the blog name “The Pine Blog” hilarious because it is from the Lufkin-Nacogdoches area (or so I figure) and it seems to be satirizing the name “The Pine Log,” which was our campus newspaper at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches (Steve is what I call it.)


With the big ol’ pervert who lived in the apartment below me back in the pen for a parole violation, it seems his empire got divided up on multiple tries. His apartment was burglarized three times since he has been gone. Loot taken included his hideous gold Escort station wagon that has a lock and chain on the hood (I’m not making this stuff up.) My landlord told me today that he finally had people just move everything out of the guy’s apartment and he left the broken window open for all to see that nothing is left inside. Sad. I can’t hear jack going on around this place with the exception of my neighbor’s car alarm going off at some ungodly hour.


Whatever happened to Vivi the missing whippet show dog? I’ve not heard hide nor hair about the pooch in quite some time. I think perhaps she got addicted to the big city lights of New York, the town so nice they named it twice.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. I have become the casual Southeast Texas/Louisiana desk for my pal and former co-worker Nate’s blog Common Sense. Like I have had enough time recently to work on two blogs. Actually I have cross-posted a few things. Nate is expanding his blogrizons though and I am always happy to help.

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