Oh my!

A report a short while ago on NPR told about how the young students were despairing of all the media who have descended upon the area of Virginia Tech in the wake of the massacre there.

No doubt, you will find your basic Type A, overdriven, lack-of-common-sense reporter who would crawl under and over the dead to get a comment. But most are not like that and are doing a job, as some who spoke to NPR agreed.

What some of these youngsters don’t get it that no one is forcing anyone else at gunpoint to speak to the media. Some seek out reporters because they want to tell the story of a friend or share their sentiment of something which has been truly awful.

One child, perhaps a high school student, complained to the NPR correspondent that the media were lurking around on My Space and Facebook to find potential respondents, or victims, depending on your point of view. Excuse me, but are these kids aware that when they put something online — with exceptions of course — that their stupid pictures and random thoughts and kittens and butterflies and unicorns all go out around the world? Ever hear of something called the WORLD WIDE WEB???

Oh my. That is about all I can bring myself to say. I think I might go to the beach for the weekend.

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