Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 12

A sense of normalcy appeared before me briefly today in the abnormal world that is Beaumont, Texas, A.R. (After Rita). One of my favorite places, Easys Tapas and Martinis, was open for lunch. It was especially gratifying since not many places of any type are open these days. Plus, I wanted to eat something that someone else cooked and that is not a Meal Ready to Eat (MRE).

I slipped in just before noon and a large crush of what appeared to be electric linemen, some of the 4,000 or so in town to get us powered up. My morning had been particularly crappy. I have to say that I realize I am truly fortunate that I made it through the hurricane okay, as did my family and friends, as did my property. That said, I am not nor have I ever been a very patient individual. People always talk about how “hurry up and wait” is the hallmark of the military. But living through the nightmarish waiting due to Rita makes the military look like life in the Toll Tag lane.

It seems at every turn in my world you are waiting in line. Or you are waiting on the phone. And you’re supposed to like it. Sorry, I think it sucks.

That is why Easys provided a brief respite today where I could enjoy a burger and later chat with some acquaintances. For just a little while, Rita was on the outside looking in.

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