Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 4

Adios to the U-Scan Lady. She was today once again bossing me around at Kroger. Put this item in the bag bitch!

The most recent saying comes from my friend, Waldo Miller, who died in 1998 of cancer. Jeez, not a good ending for a great guy, but what you going to do? He left this note to me on a trip to my house in the country circa 1983. I probably should explain that he and I were friends from high school who continued our friendship up until the time he died. The note he left was something about animals sniffing gasoline fumes and becoming somewhat testy. That included the bears. His remarks about tips came from this sign at a Dallas strip club we visited (for research, of course) which stated that “Our dancers dance for tips and tips alone. Tipping brings that special smile!” Amazing that I remember that 20-something years later. Yeah, I know, you had to be there but I thought it was time to change the saying.

So you probably won’t make any sense out of the new Old Saying but what the hell. If you just wanted to read something that made sense then you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog.

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