Old Sayings Retirement Home No. 6

“Ah yes, in one pocket is snake-bite medicine and in the other pocket is a small snake.”
See ya Shelly. Hello W.C. Fields. He is just one of those people who, though dead, can make me laugh by just thinking of him. I just can’t picture him in today’s celebrity-driven culture. He is so yesterday and that is what is great about him.

I think about celebrity and it brings me to Tom Cruise. I obviously have nothing against people speaking their opinion, wrong-headed, pig-headed and totally ignorant those opinions may be. But I think Tom is going a little overboard with his Scientology rants against using medicines such as anti-depressants. I don’t know if he was ever depressed. I hope not and I hope his vitamins keep him from such a fate. Because I’m here to tell you, depression is no picnic. It’s scary. That’s about the best I can describe my experiences with it.

W.C. Fields didn’t seem to take himself seriously and by doing so he helped contribute to the health of many others through laughter. I never have found Tom Cruise particularly funny but he certainly seems to take himself seriously. I guess that’s show biz.

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