Old Town burning

This is kind of what the fire scene I saw earlier looked like had it not been somewhere completely different.

Another exciting afternoon walk in my Old Town neighborhood of Beaumont, Texas. This afternoon my walking route became invaded by the Beaumont Fire Department as a house burned very impressively near the intersection of Evalon Avenue and North Sixth Street.

I walked up near the house just as the first fire engine pulled up. Fire was shooting from the rear roof of the house and black smoke came from just about every crack in the structure.

Speaking of crack, Homes, the dude across the street, told me about 10 homeless guys who had been living there and that the place was a crack house. Another guy, whom is the guy I see quite frequently drinking beer when I pass by, was across the street drinking beer and watching the house burn. The guy drinking beer said the people who lived in the house died about three years ago and the house had been vacant since. He said the police had been called to keep the homeless people out but the squatters kept coming back.

That’s all I know. So now, you know.

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