On 4G turmoil and watching a skinny Sinatra fighting an ever rotund Borgnine

The weekend is starting much like the last, which is languishing in 4G territory. So far, I’ve had two USB modems from Verizon for my 4G Internet coverage and both had problems that the tech people don’t seem to know how to fix. I have probably spoken to 20 different people at Verizon over the course of a week.

Next on the agenda is “MiFi,” which is Verizon’s 4G mobile hotspot. It’s like carrying a WiFi hotspot around with you. Sounds like a pain in the Santorum. We shall see though. I may just end up raising carrier pigeons.

I stayed up much later than I had planned last night, knowing I had work today, watching “From Here to Eternity.” It isn’t the type of war movie I normally like — with a few minutes of Pearl Harbor attack — but I guess the fact that it is so supremely crafted that it has kind of mesmerized me over the years. Certainly great acting, a ton of Oscars, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed in supporting roles. Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift were nominated for best actor but lost to William Holden for “Stalag 17.” I grew up watching Ernest Borgnine playing comedic roles so seeing him as a heavy, no pun intended, a bully is kind of hard to grasp. But he does his job well, right up to the … Spoiler alert, perhaps I should have said.

Here is hoping you have a great weekend, whomever “you” might be.