On a dark desert highway, coo …

Crap, crap, crap and more crap!!!

I spent two hours working on a post. I was still not finished. And I lost it. I mean, I can’t find the damn thing!

My laptop has gone through some extensive changes upon its return a few weeks ago from HP. Probably the biggest change is Windows 10. Yes, I took the plunge and installed for free. So far, I like it much better than Win 8.1. That will probably change. But it does seem as if the operating system is more user friendly. One thing I must add about having had this machine repaired. I now no longer am paying for the PC and it is still under warranty. Excellent!

This disappearing act has nothing to do with Windows 10, of that I am pretty sure. I have lost my text several times before on my WordPress content management system used on my blog.

I was even unable to save a draft of what I wrote today. I will give you a hint though, I was writing about the Eagles. It was a mini-review of Don Henley’s new, so-called by some, “country album.” So far, of the three songs I have heard released and on his website, the songs kind sound like early Eagles’ tunes.

As well, I had intended to do a mini-review of the autobiography I read by former Eagles founder and guitarist Don Felder. It is called “Heaven or Hell: My Life In The Eagles (1974-2001.) The book, co-written by Wendy Holden, is kind of a tell-all type read of celebrities for which I have little fondness. But I found this to be a well-written memoir that travels through a lot of turmoil from the time of Felder growing up in Gainesville, Fla., to his rock star years and beyond. Felder had a teen life of playing in bands and also teaching the likes of Tom Petty the art and craft of guitar. The would-be Eagles guitarist also had teen friends the like of Duane Allman and Stephen Stills. All these future stars would bounce musical ideas around each other perhaps setting each other’s place into rock posterity.

I have not heard all of Henley’s new work, as I said, so I will not attempt to do a review. But I did really like the Felder book although one should have an open mind reading such a book.

Since I lost the previous text I have written, I will, as promised welcome you to the “Hotel California.” I hope the video doesn’t have to check out and leave eventually for copyright reasons.


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