Othingnay ellyray

Hidy Hi and hope you had a Merry Christmas or whatever you did in the many places of the world around this time of year.

My friend, Rick, from Nacogdoches, came down and we visited for awhile. We dined at the Iron Skillet down the road, it is the restaurant at the Petro Shopping Center truck stop. Everything one orders come in an iron skillet. Well, not milk or iced tea or coffee. I do remember stopping for chicken fried steak — back when eating one was burned off a lot faster — in, I think, Fort Stockton, Texas. The creamer pitchers were shaped like cows. That was on a trip to El Paso for a state firefighters’ union convention. My union brother and fellow firefighter, Bob, likes to tell that on the return journey, he and I got a case of Texas Pride and put it in the cooler. When we ran out is where we spent the night, he says. That is not really true, as care-free as it sounds. It was actually Olympia beer. Not the smooth version we got in the Philippines via Washington, but the kind that was made by Pearl or Lone Star or whomever.

I had to work today which kind of “ucks-say.” I mean work means money. But being off one day and that’s it. Not so good. Plus, I had to visit a bunch of crowded stores. The good news is I am off for three days. Yaaah! I think I will cut off all of my phones to help ensure no one will wake me.

None of this is probably entertaining. Well, sorry. Later “udes-day.”