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Fish and whistle, whistle and fish Posted by Hello
Unemployment is making me CRAZY!!!!
I am sitting here, thinking about the song from 1967 called “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman.” It was a tune by some guy called Whistling Jack Smith. Yes, it was a whistling song. No, I can’t whistle it.
But in obsessing over some song of which I cannot even remember the tune, I have uncovered the motherlode of basic information about whistling songs courtesy of wikipedia.

Brother Bones recorded the whistling version of “Sweet Georgia Brown” used as the theme song of the Harlem Globetrotters.
Muzzy Marcelino whistled the hit theme to the 1950s airplane drama, The High and the Mighty.
Whistling Jack Smith had a hit with “I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman.”
The “Colonel Bogey March” was whistled in the film Bridge on the River Kwai to avoid the song’s vulgar lyrics.
“Whistle While You Work” appeared in Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
“The Fishin’ Hole” (theme to The Andy Griffith Show) by Andy Griffith. It has become a cultural icon associated with the image of Andy Griffith and Ron Howard. Andy and Opie Taylor walk on the dirt road with their cane poles on their way to the “fishin’ hole” and whistle the tune. The music was written by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer, and the lyrics were by Everett Sloane.

The liquor store in which I shopped in Waco had a cockatoo that did a great whistling version of the Andy Griffith show theme. I also remember a band called “The Dishes” used to do a rocking version of the song. That was about 20 years ago during my college days in Nacogdoches, Texas. I don’t remember the lyrics to “The Fishin’ Hole.” If you remember them, please don’t tell me. I have enough whistling around inside my brain to last way through REM sleep.

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