Oye, oye, oye

Okay chief, remember that when Kennedy or Leahy start to ask questions you all storm in with your hoses and start spraying.

If I am going to be ill, injured, invalid or whatever other “i” word I might conjure up to explain my infirmities, I might as well be watching the Alito confirmation hearings. Something I have found useful is that, with the combination of pain pills and the hearings on C-Span, I am actually able to doze off. Slumber plus drugs plus unreality TV makes for some fascinating dialog. The problem is I can’t figure out if what I am hearing is real or if I am dreaming.

Sen. Specter: Judge Alito, do you waltz or are you more of a tango type man, you big lug?
Alito: I have never, ever, had sex with that woman.
Sen. Cornyn: What gets your whites so clean? My sheets never come out quite that white. And I’ve got many a cross to burn, er, bear.
Alito: I am Sam, Sam I am.
Sen. Hatch: Could someone please bring me my pie? Sam? Will you please bring me my pie?
Alito: Am I Sam? Sam I am?
Sen: Specter: And here comes the firemennnnn. Let’s all get wet!

And then I wake up and they’re talking about the Dred Scott decision. And you were there playing a cowardly lion and you were a winged monkey, and you were a wicked witch. Specter, Hatch and Cornyn. Oh my.

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