Paint it black, just not your turkey

History repeating itself is not always the best road to travel especially when traveling down that road with combustibles and a big damn turkey.

Six years ago I was living with my good friend Ross who had one of those super-duper stainless steel grills out back on his patio. Being it Thanksgiving, Ross decided he was going cook a turkey on his super silver stainless steel grill. I got to admit the grill was beaut.

I went out somewhere for awhile that day with the lady I was dating at the time. When I got back to the Ross-i-dence, I could hear my bud say something like “Go check out the turkey.”

Thanksgiving 2006. A day which shall live in infamy.

Well, check out the turkey I did. And I decided right then and there that the turkey that day was done for certain.

The words I wrote that day are as apt today as they were nearly 2,200 days ago:

  ” … I think undone turkey can cause some kind of virus in which a person goes running around in a circle with his or her arms flapping up and down to the point that the person has to be shot to put them out of their misery. I think that’s why some people say improperly cooked turkeys can be dangerous.

  “So make sure your turkey is properly cooked. At least 1,600 degrees is recommended. If you see the stainless steel on your grill disintegrating (see turkey photo), then you know you are on the right track.

  “Have a happy and safe Turkey Day.”

And eat up boys and girls. There is probably an IHOP open somewhere.

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