Peyton didn’t shoot rainbows out his butt though German engineers did

For your reading pleasure I will not be the Monday afternoon quarterback after the latest version of the “Big Game.” Blowouts do not make for good games when you aren’t really wild about either team. I liked certain individual players, Peyton for one. There are several local guys, Earl Thomas and Red Bryant, come to mind, who played for the Seahawks. Seattle came, and must have brought actual fans rather than corporate types, they saw and they conquered.

I am extremely happy Peyton Manning had the remarkable season that he did. Especially coming off four cervical spine surgeries. I didn’t think he could do it. And I really didn’t think he should have even played. I have had two neck surgeries. The first was when I was about Peyton’s age and the second one, where they cut a piece of my hip and fused it with a titanium strip with screws, when I was 45. I recovered okay from the first one but it wasn’t a long time that I had additional C-spine problems that are virtually inoperable unless I have some serious bodily or life-threatening conditions. The difference is that I have never been close to being in similar physical condition as Peyton. Hell, he was in better condition when he was under anesthesia and on the operating table for five hours than I have ever been. I probably could have beat him in a 40 had I been 27 and he still under on the operating table, but even that is questionable.

Maybe Peyton gave me hope that others don’t have to go through the pain and other bullshit that I do with chronic pain from degenerative arthritis. One must remember though, Peyton has those Manning genes. All three boys were exceptional athletes, even though all three didn’t have the best necks. Peyton and Eli’s brother Cooper Manning had to give up football prior to starting at Old Miss. He had spinal stenosis, which I had prior to my 2001 surgery, though his was more severe so that had he been hit he might end up paralyzed. These Manning boys remind me of the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito characters in the movie “Twins” in which the unlikely pair were part of an experiment to build the better human being. Kind of like Frankenstien, except more handsome and more engaging with uncanny athletic abilities, the young Manning boys.

The Super Bowl commercials also pretty much sucked this year. I did think a few were good. Audi’s “Doberhuahua” hit it out of the park, I think. I also thought the Volkswagen German engineers sprouting wings when their cars reached 100,000 miles was pretty funny, especially upon the young girl’s suggestion that at 200,000 they also shoot rainbows out their butts.

A few highs and a few lows this Super Bowl XLVIII, but mostly lows.