Powerless in Beaumont

While just about finishing a freelance piece my electricity went “kaplut.” I say kaplut because just saying it went off doesn’t add any color. Of course, when your lights go out and you are in the dark, that doesn’t add any color either.

You don't have to tell me that this is a crappy picture but that is partly because it's a block away and I do not want to be either arrested or electrocuted.

The problem is this wreck sometime around 1 p.m. today near Dunkin Donuts on Eleventh Street near Harrison Avenue and Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital, to the right. One wild-looking but friendly guy with dreadlocks and a “holy” shirt passed me by on a bicycle. Now, I would never use just one person as a source except I was not going to go down there to the wreck because I am not working for a news organization. But here’s what Rasta Man Vibrations told me.

He said a car hit a power pole causing the lines to go around and around and around. Supposedly, someone was hit by an electric line and was taken to the hospital. That’s all I know. That is except, of course, my power is out and I have to finish my freelance article because tomorrow I have to get ready to fly to El Paso the next day. That will be from Houston and in a plane, or so I hope. Probably not like the guy on the bicycle was motoring. However that was.

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