Presidental material: Jackass or computer?

Last night I watched some of the Republican presidential debates on CNN. By some, I mean maybe 10 minutes total. That was about 9 minutes and 45 seconds more viewing time than when I watched the Democratic debate a couple of nights ago.

Since I am hardly a big GOP supporter, it might seem odd that I would watch more of the Republican debate than the Democratic one. It wasn’t like I was watching “Dances With Wolves,” but I don’t know why I spent more time with the Grand Old Party, which in this case was very much an oxymoron. I suppose watching this sorry spectacle was like watching a car wreck, or staring at bovines having sex, it being mere curiosity.

The debate almost seemed meaningless because Fred Thompson wasn’t there. If indeed FDT throws his old hat in the ring for the GOP nomination, who knows how things will go. He has yet to officially announce and he is already doing better in the polls than Mighty Mitt Romney.

Although some of his ideas are kind of out there, I do like seeing U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas in there mixing it up with the likes of McCain, and Rudy Doody and the other 600 some-odd GOP candidates. Just as no one in the current pack of Dems seeking the nomination have given me hope for the future, I like the pack of GOPs even less.

I suppose the world would shake and collapse if we ever had someone with a little integrity run for and get elected as president. We seemed doomed to forever electing one jackal or jackass after another. Maybe we should just elect a computer and be done with it.

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