Psychoprattlebabble on a Sunday afternoon

Karl Rove explains dribbling

Here is another of life’s questions to ponder: “Where does Karl Rove?”

And another: “If Karl Rove fell in the forest would anyone hear it? Would anyone care?”

Okay, those are two questions. Sorry.

I’ve read a lot of stories today regarding this whole Joseph Wilson-Valerie Plame-Matt Cooper-Judith Miller-Bob Novak-Karl Rove thing. What a mess! If I was a dog and the Plame affair was a bone, I would bury so far under the earth that it would take an oil drilling rig to find it. Don’t get me started.

On a brighter note, I saved a bundle on my car insurance. Not really! I mean, really not really. My coverage went up $20 a month when I moved to Beaumont from Waco. I checked around with all the companies and my present insurance company was still the cheapest. It stinks — to high heaven. Wow, can you imagine something stinking all the way to heaven? I can’t. You would think something would stink all the way to hell. Did I tell you I didn’t save a bundle on my car insurance? Oh, I guess I did.

Prattle. Prattle. Prattle. Since baseball is no longer going to be an Olympic sport, I wonder if prattling could replace it? Or perhaps babbling. Can you imagine getting a gold medal for babbling? I know some people who can both prattle and babble. I guess that makes them prabllers, huh? Or maybe prattlebabblers? Beware of psychoprattlebabble. That is prattling and babbling by a psycho. I really need — A 4-piece Cheerios Breakfast set.

My Honey Nut Cheerios box says that the breakfast set is “Only $9.99 plus s & h.” S & H? Does that stand for schnapps & hors d’oeuvres? Because I could really use a snack right now. A shot of schnapps wouldn’t be bad either.

The breakfast set comes with an “easy clean” cereal bowl, cereal spoon, juice cup and write-on/wipe-off placemat. “The two-sided placemat has fun games for every stage of your child’s development.” I guess that would include games such as “The Cross-Kitchen Cheerio Toss” or “Scream Your Head Off and Make Mommy Psycho.” Hmm, maybe those would be good new Olympic sports. Your kids too can be Olympic gold medalist. Send me $1 and I will tell you how.


(Offer not good in any of the 50 states of the U.S., or in Canada or anywhere else for that matter.)

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