Rainy day blogging and a day at the beach

The 20th century has finally arrived for me. No matter that it is the 21st century. I am sitting at a table in Easys Tapas and Martinis for lunch, blogging live and in vivid color. Well, everything here is in color at least. Vivid is kind of a relative term.

I broke down while I was in my Dallas exile from the hurricane aftermath and decided to purchase a laptop. Today is the first day I have had a chance to try out the Wi Fi card I bought. It seems to do okay. I have to say that, when you are alone in a restaurant awaiting your food, jacking with the computer sure beats looking all around like you’re a lost little gooselet (if that is indeed a word).

It’s rainy this morning here in the land of Rita recovery a.k.a. Beaumont, Texas. I’m sure that isn’t good for those whose houses have holes in them from the many trees the storm knocked down.

Yesterday was an awesome day, weatherwise. A friend and I drove to Sabine Pass to check out some of the storm damage there. Rita had truly flattened some structures. It also was rather bizarre seeing fishing boats blown or floated out into the marshes — a good distance from the bay. We then drove about 12 miles to the beach at McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge (which I see from their Web site that it’s technically closed due to the storm). Perhaps it was a bit decadent, going to the beach while the whole area around you has been walloped by a hurricane. But I think my friend will agree that we deserved a few hours at the beach after all we’ve gone through in the last couple of weeks. Besides, it was her idea.

The beach turned out to be fabulous and relatively clean. I could see only two or three other people on the entire beach for as far as the eye could see. If you want a good day to go to the beach wait until just after a hurricane.

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