A Good Hair day and the chief justice.

First Tom DeLay gets the judge in his case removed because the judge donated to the Democratic Party. Today Ronnie Earle, the Democratic Travis County D.A., gets the judge that removed that judge removed because the second judge donated to the Republican Party. And who is the judge who will pick a judge to try poor Tom DeLay?

“Because of the appearance of yet another partisan conflict, Judge B.B. Schraub today punted DeLay’s recusal issue to Republican Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson, who shared a treasurer and fundraiser with DeLay’s Texans for a Republican Majority PAC (TRMPAC) during the disputed 2002 election cycle,” said Craig McDonald, director of Texans for Public Justice. “One of the two top donors to Chief Justice Wallace’s campaign in 2002 was the Republican National State Elections Committee, which allegedly laundered $190,000 for DeLay’s TRMPAC ­the very transaction at issue in DeLay’s trial.”

Stop this danged ride. It’s a-making me too dadblamed dizzy!

McDonald said DeLay’s “judicial-recusal circus went the limit today.” The former House Majority Leader needs to stop what McDonald calls a “farcical process” and allow the case to be heard by the next judge in rotation for Travis County criminal docket. Awww, now that would be no fun. And shouldn’t we have some fun? Justice prevailing in this case is certainly no slam dunk so why not enjoy the sideshow? Live a little. Wear funny hats.

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