Repeat after me …

If I could trust that everyone would know what the saying: “Like a broken record” means then I might use that phrase to describe how Prez Gee Dubya sounds when he speaks of fixing the economic/oil crisis/thingy. Thingy. That’s a technical term meaning “something or other.”

But a lot of people probably have never seen a phonograph record which tends to “skip” and repeat what it’s playing when it is broke. Compact discs also do this — and quite remarkably — with what is an even more annoying effect than vinyl.

To get to the point, however, Bush repeats the same mantra the GOPs in Congress have chanted: “Drill more, drill offshore, drill more, drill offshore … ” And, oh yeah, let’s take out a few polar bears to drill in ANWR (pronounced Ann-WARR as in Sadat, kind of).

Now having a little mineral property that has been yielding very little wealth lately, I have no opposition to more domestic drilling or drilling offshore for that matter. What is kind of galling is that the oil companies already have shiploads of mineral rights in areas which can be drilled in such as off the Texas and Louisiana coast that are currently dormant exploration-wise.

And let us not forget that more drilling in offshore areas where exploration is now will not make gasoline decline to 99 cents per gallon anytime soon if Congress authorizes such action next week.

I guess Gee Dubya and his boys believe that if you say it enough times it will come true. Maybe I will give it a try.

A billion bucks. A billion bucks. A billion bucks. Catherine Zeta-Jones. A billion bucks …

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