Replace the dilithium crystals

I came back from an hour’s walk and was going to check my e-mail before I took a shower. Then I was overcome by an attack of RSS. What is RSS? I don’t really know for sure. The acronym is not even very lucid. Here is how my RSS platform, FeedBurner explains it:

“RSS” stands for Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, and/or Rockdale, Sandow, and Southern (Railroad) (if you trust the good folks at Really Simple Syndication is probably the most widely agreed-upon choice. As far as we are concerned, all three acronyms do an inadequate job of describing what RSS actually is: RSS is a standard for publishing regular updates to web-based content.

I’ll say the acronyms do an inadequate job. But I got to reading about RSS, and putting off that shower I so badly need, because it appears from what I read that RSS is the best thing since Al Gore invented the Internet. It beats me. I don’t know if it is comparable to HDTV or cassettes making the 8-track obsolete. All that technology and I still don’t have my own flying car! And I don’t know about this RSS hocus-pocus. But I’ll read more about it and see if makes me any younger and/or better looking. In the meantime, I know that taking that shower will at least make me smell better.

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