Sam Houston: Park tour guide

Yesterday I walked around a little bit at Houston’s Hermann Park as I had a bit of time to kill before my appointment at the VA hospital. It had been awhile since I just loafed at the park. I think maybe the last time was my Senior Trip, back some 38 years ago. Well, it hasn’t been that long. Still, the last time I was there in the park the surroundings were much different and it seemed a lot less crowded with buildings

Gen. Sam Houston, it seemed last I saw him on his steed, had not been relegated to delivering directions to folks inside the windows of the Hotel Zaza.

“There is a Subway a few blocks over that-a-way and a Starbucks just to the other side of it,” says the general, pointing in the approximate direction of the Texas Medical Center. “By damn, those two merchants seem to be everywhere in this land. I fought and led brave men into bloody battles down at San Jacinto and for what? It was all for Subway and Starbucks! Oh well. I could have ended up in Tennessee, where I would now be used, pointing out where Dollywood is located. I mean, Dolly, what a pair! Um, I meant Dolly and Porter, what a pair. I used to love the Porter Wagoner Show. That Speck Rhodes was certainly a humorous man. Of course … ”


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