Satirized and doesn't know it: Tom DeLay

Do you remember the kid in high school who was arrogant but stupid — that didn’t know when the joke was on him? Sigh! Well, Tom DeLay seems to be that kid.

A video clip of the “The Colbert Report” is posted on the Defend DeLay Web site. This clip features an interview by satirist Stephen Colbert of activist Robert Greenwald. The filmmaker Greenwald was discussing the movie: “The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress.” Apparently, DeLay took Colbert’s satirical and sarcastic interview as some sort of a defense for the former U.S. House majority whip who was indicted in Austin over illegal campaign contributions.

Should people think that Colbert seriously was sticking up for “The Hammer,” they need only to view his edgy performance at the recent White House Correspondent’s Association Dinner to get the joke. Colbert skewered President Gee Dubya and the news media during that dinner with his faux conservative pundit character. That Colbert performance can be found on the C-Span Web site.

I would feel bad for Tom DeLay if it was possible for me to feel bad for him. But it’s just not possible.

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