Scammers in uniform: Spam du jour

Don’t let a slight imposition such as being in the military stand in the way of a good scam. If I trusted scamming spammers who prey upon the unsuspecting e-mail of the world, I might think that upon seeing a couple of messages in my Hotmail “Junk” box. First there is one from an alleged “Sgt. Ronald Riling” who sent this beaut:


My name is Sgt.Ronald Riling; I’m a US soldier, serving in the military with the Third (3rd) infantry Division in Iraq (US Coalition Force). I and my superior after going on a rampage on Saddam Hussein palace in Baghdad discovered a substantial amount of money. You may need to check out the following BBC website to confirm more of our discovery which was made known to the government, but this particular one is a top secret:

Oh yes, I bet it’s a top secret. I bet it is so secret it doesn’t exist. Please!

The next is from Maj. Tanko, whom I suppose is a cousin to Capt. Hummero and Lt. Howitzero and a step-brother of Sgt. Machineguno. Okay, I have no idea what African nation Maj. Tanko is from but he is indeed a very lucky soldier to have found $20,500,000 … “abandoned sum in my office which was left by the last officer who was on sit (sic?) but he died after a brief illness before me suceeding (sic) him as the new appointed unit chairman.”

Hmm. He was on “sit” but died after a brief illness? Makes perfect sense to me. What is really suspicious is his request:

“I am looking for a honest person in a stable country with a good economy where this fund will be transfered (sic) into.”

He is looking for an honest person. Okay, I’m pretty honest. In a stable country. I suppose the US of A is stable enough. With a good economy. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Sorry, you got the wrong place Major Tanko. Try Zimbabwe.

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