Scooter needs money. So do I.

Scooter Libby
and Hamid Karzai.
Old buds

You can actually learn something from reading Wonkette. No. I mean really, you can. Wonkette writes about Scooter Libby’s new Web site touting the Libby Legal Defense Trust. (Word detectives: Which words do not fit in Libby Legal Defense Trust?) The indicted, former chief of staff to Veepster Dick Cheney shamelessly asks people if:

“Yes, I want to help Scooter Libby fight these charges and restore his good name.”

And right below it he gives the reader another choice:

“No, I want to help Scooter Libby end up inside a pathetically tiny prison cell with a redwood tree of a man named Psycho.”

Not really.

Libby, if you will remember, faces charges in connection with the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame. Libby said he is as innocent as a newborn’s butt. That is just paraphrasing of course. So we should remember that Scooter Libby is innocent until proven GUILTY!!! That means that we should not prejudge him as GUILTY!!! before he has had his day in court and is found GUILTY!!! Or innocent. I don’t worry about tainting the jury pool because the only people who read this blog are my friends, people worried about Vivi the missing Whippet dog and the National Security Agency (and they’ll read just about anything).

So give Scooter’s Web site a visit. And if you are tempted to donate money to his legal trust, then e-mail me for instructions on where to send me your money. That is correct — where to send ME the money. And no, I will not give Scooter the money. What I’m saying is if you are tempted to donate your money to Scooter, give it to me instead. Why? Because I’m lovable and promise to make all your wildest dreams come true. Or else … I won’t.

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