Shots ring out near the nation’s Capitol



Shots fired near Capitol


CNN reports that a shooting incident occurred near the Capitol. Initial reports indicate that a Capitol Police officer was injured.

Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said at 2:18 p.m., Eastern Time, a woman was near a White House checkpoint and words were exchanged with officers. The woman fled and a chase ensued. A police car was struck during the incident and the vehicle’s airbag employed.

A police officer was taken to a hospital with unspecified injuries. Dine said he did not know the officer’s condition other than he “ … appears to be conscious and breathing.” CNN showed a picture of emergency personnel loading an officer, believed to be the injured lawman, into a medical helicopter.

A black car was shown on CNN that appears to be that belonging to the suspect. That car apparently crashed into or near barricades in front of the Hart building.

Police had ordered those inside the Capitol and associated office buildings to “shelter in place.” That order has since been rescinded.

There is, so far, no word as to the condition of the woman driving the car or whether she was taken into custody. A child was reportedly in the suspect’s car although officers did not know that prior to the chase, according to Dine.

A lobbyist who spoke with CNN said he was in the area when the shooting took place. He said about six or so shots were fired and then he heard “a large crash.” Another witness said he heard seven to 10 shots fired and what sounded like an explosion.

Dine said there were no indications the incident involved terrorism.

 Note: I was once a newspaper reporter and currently freelance. Although this is an unfortunate occurrence, putting together this report helps keep my skills somewhat up to date.