Silly Season 24/7

While out driving around for work this afternoon I caught a small bit of both Rush Limberger’s show and that of Bill “Baba” O’Reilly. I must admit I can only take small bits of either.

Limberger was talking about his favorite topic: Himself. The gist of his rant was about how the Democrats in the Senate were making speeches in an effort to have a resolution approved that would condemn the despicable talk show host over comments he made in which he referred to some who had been a soldier as a “phony soldier.” Apparently the move by the Dems is a tat for tit in response to the flak their party received over the recent ad calling Iraq commanding Gen. David Petraeus, Gen. Betray Us. It’s silliness — times two.

All of the noise being made in Congress over people’s self-expression is more akin to first-graders arguing than it is to statesmanship. Both sides will not do what the people want them to do, regardless of the reason why, so alleged lawmakers clamor over who said what and when did they know when they said it. It makes me want to lay down my burdens, down by the riverside, down by the riverside, down by the riverside … Or just lay down. Perhaps I shouldn’t have watched “Gandhi” last night.

Of course all the hell that is being raised about Limberger’s remarks just calls more attention back to Limberger. And that is exactly what he wants.

O’Reilly was talking some of the same grand banquet of crap. He was ranting about Sean Penn making some comment. I don’t know what about. I don’t care. O’Reilly, wouldn’t you know, defend Penn’s right to speak but said the actor was morally wrong because, basically, Penn disagreed with O’Reilly’s point of view. Then Baba gets a call from some guy who says he served in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now hosts some small-time talk show. Oh wait, no, that was on Limberger’s show.

This man who was the supposed veteran said the best thing the public could do for those soldiers fighting in the wars was supporting the troops’ mission. Well, I can’t tell by listening to the radio whether this caller was really a veteran or a talk-show host. For all I know, he could be a “phony soldier.” Then again, if someone says on a right-wing talk show that they are a veteran or they know or did this or that then it’s okay.

I do have to admit, having been a newspaper reporter, that it is extremely difficult if not most times impossible to completely check out someone’s story while under a tight deadline. But talk radio doesn’t even try. You can’t see ’em so they must be who they say they are. What a way to run a business. Hey, I have some really hot land for you out in Arizona … Yes, it’s hot all right, 115 degrees in the shade.

The bottom line is what passes for political discourse — and I drag myself into it sometimes I will shamefully admit — is pure, unadulterated silliness. You have no doubt heard of the Silly Season? Well, every season is now the silly season. Just plain damned silly.

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