Something fishy

Today I brought a meal home for lunch while driving the “company” car. After a short while under way I noticed that the console cup holder was all of a sudden full of dark liquid which, after shaking my Styrofoam cup, I knew was from my iced tea. The cup had a hole in the side, perhaps from a straw. I noticed that the tea stayed put in both cup holders even while making sudden stops and curves. It also apparently didn’t leak into the console box. It was getting about time to get a car wash and detail, so I got them to “de-tea” my vessel. But I wondered if some kind of light-colored lining was inserted in the cup holders and water was added to it, whether I might have my own little seat-side aquarium?

It would definitely be something to show off if I got stopped for speeding.

“Got any drugs, guns?”

“No, but I’ve got fish.”