Somewhat live from Muskogee

The end of Day 2 of the EFD big adventure finds us in Muskogee, Okla., USA. Yes, that Muskogee. No Merle Haggard to be found. However, Ross went across the street from the Super 8 to the local Stop-and-Rob and reports the cashier was thoughtful enough to be wearing her best tooth.

We started off in Fort Wayne, Indiana, this morning (again with the EARLY). We stopped off at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to take a picture of Ross by the silver arch and then went for a drive across Missouri. Ross certainly was enjoying driving his new ‘Vette and had good intentions of driving us back to Texas this evening, but he kind of was discombobulated with his figuring and so here we are in Muskogee. Ross said we made 891 miles today, it certainly seemed like more at times.

Anyway, we should be back in Texas tomorrow unless we find a whole herd of toothless women. Then perhaps we will start a toothless modeling agency. Imagine the toothless look. Young women and old with one tooth, a Marlboro in one hand, a Milwaukee’s Best in the other, struttin’ their stuff down the striped line for a sobriety test telling the troopers to “Kiss my ass!” By God, if we find more of them toothless ol’ gals we might just take Paris by storm.

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