Sorry Harry Chapin, you happened to be handy

“And she said, ‘How are you Harry?’ I said, ‘How are you Sue?'”
Where is Harry Chapin when you need him? Dead I suppose. And who is Sue and why is she asking about Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid? Weird. Really “wacky,” as George Bush the 41st might say.

Reid got the Republicans’ nose out of joint this afternoon when he invoked a closed session of the Senate. He apparently wanted to change the news agenda from “Plamegate” to “Alito” back to “Plamegate.” I think it was a pretty clever trick. But most of all, I think it genuinely pissed off Senate Majority Leader Sen. Dr. Bill “Count Your Stock Options” Frist.

The Senate is supposed to be genteel. The House is where all the hooligans are supposed to reside and where members flail each other with canes. So I’m glad to see Harry shaking things up in the Senate. I would like to see a real brouhaha erupt there. Maybe Kay Bailey Hutchison and H.R. Clinton would bitch slap each other. I’d also like to see Chuck Hagel beat the living shit out of Rick Santorum. Or maybe Patty Murray beat the living shit out of Rick Santorum. Hell, anyone beating the shit out of Rick Santorum would clearly make my day. Get out all that angst. Let your real feelings fly. Our Senate probably would be more constructive if its members acted like people.

Still, I doubt Harry Reid will ever drive a taxi. Thus, he will likely be getting few tips nor will he be getting stoned.

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