Stimuli, street walkers and mechanical bull crap

The good news is that my “stimulus” tax check was deposited in my account this morning in the amount of $600. Now I will have to find some depressing way to spend it. Still, there is no bad news.
I read in today’s local newspaper that prostitution is on the rise in our fair town of Beaumont, Texas. I wonder if there is enough of an increase to support a “hookerware” boutique? Sorry but I am on a public library computer and my buttons on Blogger which allow me to link to various Web pages are not visible and thus unavailable for me to use. If you want to read the article go to
It seems like a long time has passed since any new “craze” sparked our national imaginations. You know what I am talking about? I speak of fad, furor, mode, rage, style, trend, vogue, such as duck tails, hula hoops, pet rocks, mood rings or Rubik’s cubes.

During that depressing period of time in which “cowboy chic” was in vogue after the release of the film “Urban Cowboy” with John Travolta and Debra Winger, I actually had an idea for something I think would have been a hot item for at least a short shelf life.

In the 80s when the film was released, Gilley’s nightclub in Pasadena, Texas, was the hot place to be. It featured a mechanical bull, the very one if I am not mistaken, that Travolta and Winger (the latter very suggestively)rode in the movie.

My idea was to collect a bunch of nuts and bolts and have them encased in plastic cubes and it would be sold at places such as Gilley’s as “Mechanical Bulls**t.” I am sorry I didn’t follow through with it at the time because it seemed such a good idea.

I must admit that I did see “Urban Cowboy” when it came out. It wasn’t my idea though. It just goes to show how women can get guys to do a lot of stupid things.

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