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Okay, I do admit sending the occasional fan e-mail. Most times the person I am writing doesn’t write back. Not so with Stephan Pastis, creator of my favorite comic strip, “Pearls Before Swine” that is linked on my blogroll.

Stephan is a former attorney who was able to syndicate his very funny and thought-provoking strip. To be quite frank, I was thinking of giving up reading the comics altogether until I came across Pearls. I see a lot of myself in both the Pig and Rat, the strip’s two main and diametrically opposed characters.

In an e-mail today, Stephan asked if I knew anyone who read the “Star-Telegram” in Fort Worth and if so, would I ask them to write the editors to request Pearls be included in their comics. So I ask all of you who might read the Startlegram to help a brother out. Write the editors and say you grew up reading the Star-Telegram and that it helps you breathe more easily and slows down your heart rate from a dangerous to an acceptable rhythm. Then, tell them you want “Pearls Before Swine” in their comics.

The world needs more of the Rat and Pig, not to mention the Zeeba neighbas.

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