Taking a count

This really has nothing to do with the Counting Crows. It is just that “Counting” is in their name. Plus I like Counting Crows and Adam’s hair is like, well, I’d probably have do my hair like that if I wasn’t bald.

What I am referring to is counting as in StatCounter. I noticed my counter has more than 5,100 page visits, which isn’t a lot. I get the stats e-mailed every week and lately I’ve been averaging about 50 visits (not unique visitors) a day. That’s not a lot either. But that’s not why I’m writing about this.

I continue to think StatCounter is a rather interesting fixture for my blog. It doesn’t tell me all I’d like to know. But it tells me more than I would otherwise know. If that makes sense.

What I know, for instance, is from where certain visitors come. Some I recognize over time as friends. Others I have no clue why they are visiting or why they are return visitors. I also don’t know why people in certain foreign countries visit my page. At one time I had quite a few visitors who were Portuguese or from Brazil, where Portuguese is spoken. I haven’t a clue why. Within the last 12 hours or so I’ve had visitors from, in addition to those from the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Norway, Chile and the United Kingdom. Why, I ask? Do they think I’m going to buy them all a Coke and we can live in perfect harmony? Oh, I guess that reference is a little too 60s for some of you.

I do find it entertaining that a few people from all over the globe may read something I write. I wish I knew more about the blogosphere and why certain readers read certain pages. I get an unusual amount of page loads at different occasions, for instance. Yesterday was Sunday and I had some 70 page loads, which for me on a Sunday is very high. I have no idea whether this activity has anything to do with RSS, luck or whatthehell. But it really doesn’t matter. I’m glad for you to stop by. Now give me a dollar.

Just kidding, kind of.

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