Tales of a naked week, or more

This week showed that, once again, nakedness makes news.

Take the infamous Time magazine cover with the woman breastfeeding her 3-year-old son who was standing on a chair. By the way, that kid either looked kind of big or that woman wasn’t very tall. It made me wonder if she had some steroids packed in those things.

Then there was the naked man riding a unicycle on a bridge in Kemah, Texas. It was a nice touch, the unicycle. It could have been two naked folks riding on a bicycle built for two. But something odd like that is pretty much going to make the news in tandem with nudity. Nudity itself is usually newsworthy enough.

Just today, this morning, police in Bloomington, Ind., shot and wounded a naked man brandishing a 9-mm handgun. Police received a complaint that the nude gunman was firing shots at a house. Officers fired at the man, who allegedly pointed his gun at officers, striking him twice. The shooting happened near Indiana University.

This happened on May 1, but I thought I’d gratuitously throw it in. Police disarmed and arrested a naked 22-year-old woman wielding a knife outside her home on Orcas Island, Wash., according to the San Juan Journal (San Juan Islands, Wash., not Puerto Rico.) A neighbor reported the woman had been sitting nude inside her car acting strange, as if she was on drugs. Hmmm. Imagine that!

There you have it. Just remember to wear clean underwear in case you get arrested. Or perhaps, remember to wear underwear, period. Have a wonderfully, naked weekend.