Texas candidates get swift and sure donations

Ahoy! We come bearing barrels of cash from a rich Texas builder.

If Texas politicians are not for sale, some of them sure seem to be rented by Houston builder Bob Perry. Perry has been a top Republican contributor and helped fund the so-called “Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth,” which aided the scuttling John Kerry’s presidential bid.

But Perry, like any good Texas bidnessman who is trying to peddle his influence to officeholders, doesn’t particularly discriminate against any one party.

A report released by Austin-based watchdog group, Texans for Public Justice, says Perry gave $6.7 million to state politicians during the 2006 election cycle.

State Republican candidates got 92 percent of Big Bob’s largesse. The Democratic candidates received the rest. Perry donated more than $2.8 million to various political action committes (PACs) which included $780,000 given to the state GOP and $601,000 donated to Texans for Lawsuit Reform. (Hint: It isn’t a trial lawyers group.)

Individuals received more than $4.1 million from Big Bob. Gov. Good Hair Perry (supposedly no relation to Big Bob) had a nice little bundle of $380,000 to be the biggest individual recipient from the home builder. Also receiving six-figure donations were Attorney General Greg Abbott, Lite Gov. David Dewhurst and State Rep. Joe Nixon, R-Houston. Nixon lost a bid for a Senate seat in the GOP primary to Houston talk show host and reactionary Dan Patrick. Big Bob contributed $55,000 to Patrick.

My friends at Texans for Public Justice are to be commended for this report and the others that they compile on all the political spending and other shenanigans that take place in our state. It just almost makes me sick that one individual such as Bob Perry would spend that much money to buy influence in state government. It is not so much that he seeks special favors from the government. Hell, even people without money do that. But the fact that he spent such a large sum on politicians when I could have used it to have much more fun than most of the jackasses in the Capitol will have.

Next time Bob, just press the donation button on this blog. A couple of million should suffice for starters.

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