Texas: No married homos

It seems like the Republicanistas of the Texas Legislature are hell-bent on keeping the state safe from homosexuality. The House banned same-sex marriages today. Perhaps they should remember what Charlton Heston always says: “When they outlaw queers only outlaws will have queers.” Think about it. (Even though Charlton probably didn’t say that exactly. Or at all).

But there sure is a lot to ponder for the future of the great state of Tejas. Last time I flew past Dallas the skies looked like a slightly more artistic version of dog crap. And do you know what the water is like in many of the streams in Texas? It’s probably good that you don’t. And, I wonder if the Rio Grande is actually going to reach to the Gulf of Mexico this year as it has failed to in past years?

But by God, though, we won’t have HOMO-SEX-u-als nagging us as we cough and choke on the putrid air and gasp as we drink water from which cows would turn up their noses. All of you Lege members who pushed so hard for “Christian values” should be REALLY proud when you go home after sine die. Really proud.

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