Thanks Google, for yet another time-waster, uh 3D cheese modeler

Cheeses! Does the above remind you, at least a little bit, of a hunk of cheese? It doesn’t. Oh. You really know how to hurt a blogger’s feelings.

Well then, let’s just say the above is a piece of abstract art that I created, over the past hour, while playing with Google’s SketchUp 8. It’s a 3D modeling program that can create just about anything within the bounds of time and ability. While interfacing with Google Earth is a feature of SketchUp, it would seem that the program could create some sort of simple specialized map graphic. I say “it would seem,” because if you notice the pathetic attempt above to draw a piece of cheese above it seems like almost a dream to think I could create some kind of specialized graphic using Google Earth in concert with SketchUp.

Nonetheless, SketchUp is one of those interesting play things of the type I found on MacDraw or MacPaint, which was on my very first, very own desktop, a used Apple Macintosh. Wow, that brings back “computer memories,” which is a hard-to-believe concept for someone who remembers his family’s first TV set.

Anyway, I plan to play around some more with SketchUp to where I might actually find some use other than being a time-waster. That is not to say wasting time is a waste of time. Well it is a waste of time, but it’s … Sorry for wasting your time.